15-16 ноября 2024

Участник выставки недвижимости
Apuliaestates (Италия)

The Real Estate and Services agency “Apuliaestates” Ltd is located in Puglia in the heart of the D’Itria Valley, Ceglie Messapica, a town that boasts a lovely old centre and stands out for its cuisine. Our motto is: providing a professional and wide-ranging service in a continuous evolving sector.
This is why we provide you with the best property solutions in the most beautiful locations of Puglia: trulli, masserias, casolari, sea and country villas, houses in the fascinating old towns of Ceglie Messapica, Ostuni, Martina Franca, Alberobello, Cisternino and Salento:Gallipoli, Otranto and Castro. We have chosen to be always by you, providing you with services and management techniques all year round. Choose our commitment and let yourself be embraced by Puglia.

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