15-16 ноября 2024

Участник выставки недвижимости
Langton Trading Ltd. (Барбадос)

Our company sells houses, apartments, villas, bungalows and plots in Barbados.
We also sell apartments, houses, villas and plots in Cyprus. Not only this, we also build, and/or renovate your house according to the way YOU want it. We will maintain the villa, to ensure everything works fine when you arrive in Cyprus.
Generally we only work with a lawyer, in order to ensure the perfection and saftey of our sales. This ensures that no problems arise.
Should you need a finance for your house, we are willing to help you sort out your problems with a bank that we/you trust.
Our support does not stop after you have signed the contract, we are always willing to help you should any problems of any sort arise. This is a promise.

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