15-16 ноября 2024

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Villas Amrit Mykonos (Греция)

Villas Amrit Mykonos are 14 independent, luxury villas on neighbouring properties, each ranging from 1.5-2 acres.
Set on a prime and unique location, protected by law for its natural beauty, bordered on each side by 2 unspoilt sandy beaches, they are a mere 20 minutes drive from the main town of Mykonos, the most beautiful, elegant, high-end island of Greece. Each villa is afforded privacy by the secluded location, its walls and orientation. Built in the local architectural style reflecting the island's simple yet graceful lines, they feature ample use of curves, arches, pergolas and outdoor areas. Each villa is built on 3 levels, very spacious, capitalizes on its direct view of and access to the sea. Each villa is exceptional and an epitome of Mediterranean elegance and luxury.

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